We would like to take a moment to Thank all of our loyal cusomters for supporting us since 1987.
We enjoyed working with you and look forward to our next project together!

~ Here's a collection of our favorite Thank You letters ~



I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did, and when my husband unwrapped the shirts he was truly impressed. I didn't hesitate to give him the name of the company that did the embroidery. He was thrilled that they were Izod branded shirts, and was surprised to learn that I even bought the shirts from you guys. Thank everyone involved for doing such an awesome job.
Michele Keller  Keller Williams Real Estate


Hi John & Felisa,
The totes were a big hit! Everyone was really happy.
Carol Mederios  Whole Foods Markets


I got them and I LOVE THEM!!!  They are so awesome!!  Thanks again, I have a feeling we will be placing another order, at least I hope we will run out this soon!!!
Barbara Weiss  Kuk Sol Wan Karate

THEY ARE AWESOME!!! Everyone loves them and you all are amazing!!! (Koozies)
Nikki Newman  Whole Foods – Global


Shirts look great!!!
Alicia Sullivan  Marketing Communications Manager  Whole Earth Provision Co.


Thank you!  They were perfect as usual.
Kelly Guillot Grant | V.P./ Sr. Print Producer



Thanks again- you all have won all my future business with your attention to detail and quick turnaround!
Brittani Mathis Smith – Vector Marketing


--and this is why i recognize Action be a great asset to SST.
Thanks,  Jose  (recording label for Black Flag and many others)



Awesome!  I'm sure we'll be giving you more money in the future :) 
Thanks for the work!!  You guys are great.
(and from another job)
It was great working with you guys, and if you need any recommendations let me know! 
You will definitely be included on our next project. 
Thanks,  Jill Arthur   Associate Program Director, Marathon Kids

"I thought you might like to know that Quentin Tarantino came in yesterday to our south location.  He saw the 'Late night with Kerbey Lane Cafe' T-shirt on his waitress and had to have one.  So, of course, we gave him one.  Let's hope he doesn't wear it on the Letterman show!"

- Tracy at Kerbey Lane,

"This event [AISD American Indian Heritage Festival & Powwow] doesn't happen by itself, though; it is the direct result of sponsors like you generously donating time, goods, and financial support to make it happen.  We owe our deepest thanks to you, the sponsors, and supporters of this powwow.  Without your generous help and support, this event would never take place."

- Lee with the AISD American Indian Heritage Festival and Powwow

"The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and I personally, would like to thank Action Screen Graphics for the great work on the polo t-shirts.  The logo was perfect!  I'd especially like to thank Stacey and Felisa for their expertise in helping me with this task."

- Karen with Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired,

"I wanted to write you and let you know how very very appreciative the Texas Rollergirls (and I) are of Gina and Action Screen Graphics.  In a pinch, Gina managed to help us get more shirts for a tournament that was IN progress, and distributed to many anxious fans wanting a tournament souvenir.  It was a "save the day" moment that echoed through the halls of the convention center.  I also want you to know that our merch manager was so impressed with Gina, her knowledge, and your shop that she would love to bring some business to Action for our 2008 season."
- Rebecca with Texas Rollerderby '07

"I can't imagine in this world of "click-to-buy," "drive up to the next window," "drop-ship" and all that other crap, that anyone can still fathom true customer service.  Unless of course, they use you.  The hoops you and your Action Screen Graphics team jumped through for a smally, tiny job are the true definition of 'above and beyond.'"

- Ray Longoria, Creative Director with Idea City (GSD&M)

"The families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House are not able to thank you personally for your in-kind gift to support the 5th Annual RMHC 100, so on behalf of the hundreds of families who stay at our House each year while their child is in the hospital, Thank You!"
- Missy with Ronald McDonald House

"You're a miracle worker!"
- Clementina at Whole Foods Market

"Our club loved the work you did on last year's shirts, and we are very interested in ordering from Action again this  year."

- Patrick from McCombs School of Business

"It means a lot to me that I am able to count on Action to take such good care of us.  Thanks again!  Everyone loved them!"
- Shari at Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering

Thanks to you John. I promise all our jobs won't be so rushed!  I sure appreciate all you've done to help meet our deadlines....it's above and beyond.
- Karen Cleaves – Slaid Cleaves

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your willingness to assist us, the way you got it done in record time, and for the beautiful end product.  Carl was very surprised and really loves it!  You are fantastic!
- Sharon, Chaz, and Lisa J  Whole Foods Central






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